Nevaeh’s Touch Extensions recommends the use of the OGX brands when caring for your extensions.  Your choice in their hair care collection will depend on the curl pattern you purchase.  (Example: If you purchase any of our wave patterns we recommend the OGX curl quencher).  If you do not use the OGX brand use any other prabane and sulfate free shampoo and conditioner.  You extensions are 100% human hair, so it is recommended that you treat them like your own hair

Pre-washing:  When you receive your hair extensions you will need to pre-wash them before your install.  Using your choice of recommended shampoo and conditioner create a shampoo solution using warm water in a medium bowl.  Remove all packaging from hair including the band that secures the extensions together.  Repeatedly dip hair extensions in soapy solution, run your finger through your extensions or use a wide tooth comb to insure the shampoo is distributed evenly throughout your extensions.  Rinse thoroughly with warm water removes excess water by running your hands straight down the length of your extensions.  Set to the side and repeat this process on all of your extensions using a new shampooing solution each time, so you can look beautiful and be ready to go out and go to the Casino, while if you want to play online, there are options like the kahuna casino as well.

Initial Deep Condition: When you have completed your prewash steps apply a generous amount of conditioner to each bundle of hair.  Using wide tooth comb hold your extension at the weft and comb through your extensions to ensure product is distributed evenly.  Recommended: using an ample amount of aluminum foil wrap hair extension and let your conditioner set over night for a deep conditioning affect.  Let your conditioner set for 20 minutes and rinse with cool water.

After your preferred conditioning method leave your extensions to air dry laying on a flat surface or using a pant hanger to hang dry.

Daily maintenance:  Continue to moisturize your hair at least 2-3 times a week using light oil such as argon oil or coconut oil.  If you choose any of our curl patterns we recommended that you create a cream rinse using the curl quenching shampoo and curl mousse made by the OBX collection.

Use a wide tooth comb for hair maintenance starting at the ends of your extensions and working your way towards the roots.

While sleeping if you have purchased any of our wave patterns for a loose wave pin-curl hair and use large bobby pins or clips to secure hair.  If you have purchased a more defined curl  divide hair into 4 or 5 sections and plat or braid hair in those sections, cover hair with satin bonnet.  For straight hair wrap in circular motion around head with a wig brush to secure hair in place, using a satin scarf tie around hair for extra security.

Shampoo Maintenance:  We recommend shampooing your extensions at least every 2 weeks. Wet hair, apply a  generous  amount  of shampoo starting at the ends of hair work your way up in a gentle motion until the entire length is covered. Repeat as many times as you believe to  be necessary.  After rinsing hair thoroughly apply contionioner in like manner allowing it to set for 15 minutes.  We recommend that you allow professional to wash your scalp when you go for your professional hair maintenance.  They are equipped with professional sit under dryer ensuring that your hair and scalp are dried properly.