Organic Calm Waxing

Our 100% Organic and food grade ingredients makes it ideal for sensitive skin and delicate areas. Its carefully balanced formula gently removes hair to its root and keeps it off for up to eight weeks.

Brow waxing $40

Under Arm Waxing $45

Brow & Lip Waxing $50

Lip or Chin Waxing $ 37

Brow, lip, & chin wax $60

Half Arm $55

Half Leg $60

Full Arms $75

Full Legs $100

Bikini waxing $55

Brazilian Waxing $90

Ear Candling

The Ancient Art of ear candling dates back to around 2,500 BC and comes to us from the Egyptian and Oriental cultures.  Warm smoke from the beeswax candles, circles throughout the ear canal soothing and working like a vacuum to remove debris and excess earwax.  This practice may benefit conditions such as sinus, itchy ears, pressure and excess earwax.